Integrated Annual Report 2016
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ArcelorMittal Integrated Report 2016

Our business
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About us
About this report
Who we are
Our value creation model
How we create social and human value
Key sustainability indicators
Our operating context
2016 risk and materiality
Our strategy, our stakeholders and our creation of value

Our leadership and reports
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Company leadership
Our stakeholders and how we engage them
Message from the chairman
Message from the chief executive officer
Message from the chief financial officer
2016 highlights and 10-year performance review
Five-year benchmarking

Execution against our strategic objectives
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Keeping our people safe
Driving profitability
Creating social value
Creating a high-performance culture

Corporate governance
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Remuneration report

Reports and financial results
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Independent limited assurance report
Audit and risk committee report
Independent auditor's report on summarised consolidated financial statements
Summarised consolidated financial statements
Summarised consolidated statement of comprehensive income and other comprehensive income
Summarised consolidated statement of financial position
Summarised consolidated statement of cash flows
Summarised consolidated statement of changes in equity
Notes to the summarised consolidated financial statements

Shareholders' information, AGM and proxy
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Analysis of ordinary shareholders
Notice of annual general meeting
Proxy form
Instructions and notes to the form of proxy
Corporate information

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