About this report

This is our third integrated annual report. In it we have tried to provide all stakeholder groups with a transparent and balanced appraisal of the material issues facing our business during the year under review. It represents a further step in our journey towards integrated reporting.

This report should be read in conjunction with the full financial statements and the sustainability report, also published during the year under review. The purpose of each of the three reports is outlined on page 3 opposite.

Sustainability report

Published on the web in the April following the release of the IAR, the sustainability report provides detailed information on all our environmental, social and economic impacts – not just those deemed to be most material for the year under review. It includes our corporate responsibility ethos, and additional statistics not published in the IAR.


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How to use this report

This report contains icons and cross-references to assist the reader in navigating the information, and to prevent repetition in cases where an issue is touched on in more than one chapter.

The following icons relate to our five strategic imperatives, and the six strategies we have identified to drive the strategic imperative of driving profitability:

Protecting the health and safety of employees
Driving profitability
  Customer focus
  Eliminate excessive raw material costs
  Improve operational efficiencies
  Improve supplier efficiencies
  Optimise our industrial footprint
  Energy efficiency
Government relations
Managing our people
Environmental responsibility
Engaging with local communities

These icons have been developed to improve the quality of reporting regarding how strategy is linked to strategic imperatives, risks and stakeholders. They indicate that the issue, stakeholder group or risk being discussed is addressed by or linked to that particular strategic objective.

There are also cross-references in this report to the online sustainability report and the full financial statements, as well as internal references to other chapters and sections. These are indicated as such.