• About this report

    Stabilising the present, building the future

    This is our fifth integrated annual report (IAR). With this report we aim to provide a transparent and balanced appraisal of the material issues that faced our business during the year under review and that impact our ongoing ability to create value.

    The report should be read in conjunction with the full financial statements.

    This report aims to provide all stakeholders with an account of the group's operational, financial, economic, social and environmental performance, its use of the capitals as described by the <IR> Framework and its creation of value in terms of those capitals, governance, opportunities and risks during the period reviewed as well as prospects. As with our 2014 report, this year we continue to place a premium on conciseness in our printed reporting while increasing our level of disclosure in our online IAR.

    The report has been prepared in accordance with the recommendations of principle 9.1 of the King Code and the International Integrated Reporting (<IR>) Framework as published in December 2013 by the International Integrated Reporting Council.


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    • Integrated Annual Report 2015
      This IAR is intended to provide readers with an overview of our operations during the year, about our ability to create value over the short, medium and long term, and our performance in managing our most material issues, which inform our key strategic objectives. The report includes messages from leadership, operational reviews, corporate governance and risk management reports, summarised financial statements and information for shareholders.

      Integrated Annual Report 2015

    • Annual Financial Statements
      The full financial statements, which are available, on request, from the company secretary at our registered offices and online in PDF format below, provide comprehensive insight into the financial position of the company for the year under review.

      Annual Financial Statements