Integrated Annual Report 2016
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To aid navigation and cross-referencing, this report contains the following icons: our key strategic objectives, our most material issues, our top 10 risks and our key performance indicators.

Our online report includes additional information on particular topics.

These icons refer to our four key strategic objectives:

Keeping our people safe   Driving profitability   Creating social value   Creating a high-performance culture
Keeping our people safe   Driving profitability   Creating social value   Creating a high-performance culture

About this report

This is our sixth integrated annual report (IAR). With this report we aim to provide a transparent and balanced appraisal of the material issues that faced our business during the year under review and that impacted our ongoing ability to create value.


In this report we seek to address those issues that are most material to our formulation and execution of strategy.

As in the previous year, in 2016 our leadership explicitly determined that our most material issues related to:

  • Our commitment to safety as embodied in our vision, mission and values
  • Addressing the considerable risks that threatened the sustainability of our business and that of the primary steel industry in South Africa

About this report




Our leadership and reports

Message from the chairman

ArcelorMittal South Africa fully appreciates the extent to which its future and its interests are bound up with those of the society in which it operates. We have reached important new accords with stakeholders, are rapidly optimising our industrial footprint and are entrenching cultures of safety and high performance.

Mpho Makwana Chairman

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Execution against our strategic objective

How we create social and human value


Over 9 000 permanently employed by ArcelorMittal South Africa in 2016 of whom 64%* were ACI (African, coloured and Indian)

Employed 85% of new recruits from local communities (2015: 85%)

In 2016 we spent R2 018 million on maintaining and enhancing our plants, in the process ensuring our ability to sustain employment in, especially, the Vaal region, northern KwaZulu-Natal and the West Coast. Much of this maintenance work was carried out by local contractors and suppliers.

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